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A site dedicated to the Oric Atmos and Oric-1 computers.
The Oric site with useful information for Oric enthusiasts,
 and people wanting to learn more about the Oric-1 and Atmos computers.

What's an Oric Atmos ?
  • Atmos Specifications
  • Microdisc Specifications
  • Plotter Specifications
  • The Back End Oric Port Info.
  • Joysticks & Rare OricsNew stuff here
  • Oric ROMs
  • Oric PSUs
  • More on the Atmos !
    The Oric-1 Page

    Support for Oric Users
    Oric Essentials
    How I got into Orics
    Stuff I've done
    Some Articles
  • Collector's Corner
  • Book Reviews
  • History of Oric mags
  • Rhetoric disks
  • Hardware Projects
    and circuit diagrams
    Some new stuff here !

  • Oric Art !
    Oric Software Lists
    Odds and EndsUseless Info. Dept.

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