Some Articles About Oric Books and Software

These are some of the works I have written for the various Oric magazines/ user groups that I contributed to. This will be mainly work for Rhetoric, as I wrote those articles on the PC. In time I will add articles that I wrote on the Oric, using Easytext.

Book Reviews. (Now in HTML !) Most of the Oric magazines ran article reviewing books as they became available. Sadly these reviews stopped before all the books got looked at. I had intended to use the pages Rhetoric to revisit areas such as this and write reviews for all those things that hadn't yet been covered. Unfortunately Rhetoric didn't last long enough to accomplish much, but here are some of the articles I did manage to write. They are rather informal and not very in depth, but I hope there is something to interest you.

A Complete List of books available for the Oric

Click here for a look at all my Oric Lists

A History of Oric Magazines. An article I wrote especially for the last Rhetoric Magazine, looking back over the various publications - not just from Britain, but also around the globe. I'm sure I've missed some so have a look and let me know !

A History of Oric Magazines by S.D.Marshall

Collector's Corner. (REVISED - first 6 are new HTML versions, the rest are still .pdf)
These next articles are about different software releases i.e different versions of the same program. I discovered this sort of thing when I statred buying software for other people and ended up with a pile of the same programs. I soon noticed that some of the same type were different. We even discovered the Oric Manual came in different versions ! It turns out there are quite a lot of these but when I started doiing the articles none were written about or mentioend in the user group magazines. You'll now find details of such things in the software section, based on my very own software databases ( found here ), at


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