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This is a 'concept car' from the Ford motor company. What's it called ? An Atmos !!! There you are folks. Every real Oric fan should have a 1954 Ford Atmos - order yours today !

Whilst driving around in your newly acquired Atmos vehicle you may wish to put some music on. So how about this ....

This is some jazz music by bass player, guitarist and composer Miroslav Vitous. Saxophonist Jan Garbarek features on the album from ECM records, called Atmos ! Most of Jan Garbarek's albums are worth a listen. Surely ever Oric fan should get this one ? www.ecm.com

Once armed with your trusted steed and sounds to play you'll no doubt need a bit of protection from wind when journying to fetch petrol for your wonky old car. Don a coat in which to be seen - the Atmos Nimbus Cycling Jacket ! (Available in yellow or red).

And of course you'll need some decent footwear for your trek to the nearest garage - so nestle your feet in something cosy for the journey. A pair of stunning Nike Atmos Safari running shoes should do the trick !

How about something to read ? There is an author you may like who has written books about the Middle East. He's called Oric Bates and whilst much of his work is out of print you'll find one of his books at amazon.
Click here to go to Oric Bates book at www.amazon.co.uk
Have you got time to read this, or indeed that book ? Time is pressing. You should keep track of it. Preferably with a device that doesn't need winding. I know we have digital watches now, but they can be odd things, unexpectedly going into 24 hour instead of 12 hour display causing confusion and then suffering from battery failure just when you least expect it to.

The Atmos clock is truly one of the most fascinating and beautiful clocks made. It is a combination of art and ingenuity. It has a mechanism that never needs to be wound by hand - every two degrees in temperature change winds this clock for 24 hours. Thanks to Jean-Leon Reutter's dream of perpetual motion and Jarger-LeCoultres continued improvements we have these wonderful clocks to enjoy and treasure.

How about making use of that geiger counter while you're busy ? Here's a new one for the radioactive Oric user. The Oak Ridge Isochronos Cyclotron You better believe it !
Isn't it lovely how the colour alternates ?
This space reserved for more fascinating stuff about - or rather not about Oric Atmos.
Isn't it lovely how the colour alternates ?



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