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We aren't talking about games ! ROMs are the bit of a computer that stores the operating system and usually the BASIC as well. Games cartridges had a ROM or EPROM holding the games program. Games for the Oric come on either cassette or disk - there are no games ROMs ! If you want software look at my Links Page

The first oric computer was released with the ROM on two 2764 EPROMs

The earlier models featured hand-written labels. 'H' for high and 'L' for low. Computers with these 2 Hitachi EPROMs also require the chip IC11. The one above has EPROMs with different cases which I think is quite unusual.
Later madels had the same two Mitsubishi EPROMs but with printed labels.

Next came the production ROMs. These were made for Oric by Hitachi and had twice the capacity of the EPROMs, so only one chip was required. This also made the IC11 chip redundant so that was no longer used in Orics after this time.

As far as I'm aware the information on the V1.0 ROM is the same as on the 2 EPROMs, it's just on a single chip.

Th first of these was quite similar to the Oric-1 one, but with much of the bugs removed. Here then is the Atmos V1.1 ROM:-

There are in fact two versions of this Atmos ROM. The second version had the cassette loading routine modified so there weren't so many 'Errors Found' messages.

By typing ?PEEK (#E4B6) you can discover which version you have. A result of 162 is the earlier Rom and 142 is the later version. (Oric-1 ROMs should give a result of 48).

Finally there is a version of the later Atmos ROM produced by Rockwell.

Jon Haworth gave the number for this as 1815 - either a typo or there is another version !!!!!

Oh - there is another ROM. This is the Rhetoric Oric Meet. A rare event which may occur again someday !!!

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