Muso's Oric Software Lists.

INTRO. The following lists have been typed up by Steve Marshall. The basic information came from Brian Kidd's A to Z of British software. He in turn had help from several others, including, of course, Dave Dick.

Added to this is my own research, mainly done by scouring the pages of The'oric, but also with a bit of scanning the 'Ultimate List of Commercial Games for Oric'. This unfortunately had several ommisions, errors and was no longer being updated - one reason for deciding to do my own version.
The other reason why I wanted to do a version myself was that I wanted to have the data in a database so that I could sort the information and look things up quickly.

Many thanks also go to Jim Groom . He has been developing his own list over the years and I used his list to add a few more titles.

I've tried to give accurate information. please let me know if you spot any errors, and send in any further info that you might have.

I've now added a couple more things - The Ultimate Hi-Score chart & a list of Oric Books. The Hi-Score chart was printed occassionally in OUM and was originally set-up by Dave Dick, I think. I took over the chart and rearranged it. It was originally all done on the Oric using Easytext. I transferred it over to a database on the Atari ST which meant I could print it a bit neater. This version I typed into the PC a couple of years or so ago so that I could email it

The Oric book list came originally from Jon Howarth and was printed in OUM, but this version is from James Groom who added further detail. I've amended it a little. Other Tansoft manuals could have been added but I don't think any of these have ISBN numbers and they weren't published without the accompanying software. A couple that could have been included for their sheer size are ....

Forth Manual - Andy Biggs (Paul Kaufman -editor) - Tansoft ltd - 1984
Oricmon Users' Guide - Geoff Phillips & Paul Kaufman - Tansoft ltd - 1983

Since Oric manuals were included I have added the Cumana and RANDOS user guides which were not previously part of the book list.
The list prints onto 4 sheets, the last two should fit on the ends of the first two. You can save paper by just printing the first two pages if you wish.

THE FILES. There are currently three lists. The first is a list of commercial titles. This includes software that was released by users groups. Anything that was sold really, except the Oric Public Domain Software available through OUM, but I have included the GPD Software (available from the Swedish Oric Homepage).

The second list is of listings (type-ins) that appeared in various magazines. Generally in BASIC there were plenty of them. With some of the user group magazines there were many little 'quickies'. Some of these I have not included, but if the listing produced some useful or interesting software then it has been included.

Lastly is a file of other software. Some of it was the Oric Public Domain Software, (not the listings which are in the above section). Then there is software that has found it's way into circulation without being properly released. Some will have been featured on CEO, OUM or Rhetoric disks. Other programs have been released via the net or other means. Some may be type-ins, but we don't know the source. Let us know !

Now THREE file types are available. The first, (on the left) is for Microsoft Works the other (on the right) is 'text and commas' which should work an different programs and machines. Load them into your own database so you can sort the information as you wish.

We now have Adobe pdf files too - use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. The commercial list has two files - the first is in order of title, the second is sorted by software house and then by title.

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Commercial Software List

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Oric type-in Listings

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All the Other Stuff

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The Ultimate Hi-Score List

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Oric Book List

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