Welcome To Oric World!
Go here for the emulator etc

Club Europe Oric
The longest running magazine for the Oric
A site which houses other sites.

Jon 'Twilighte' Bristow's site
The programmer's excellent site needs updating !

Jim Groom's Oric Site
Features the Oric FAQ

Geoff Phillips' Homepage
Nice site from the ex-Oric programmer

Defence Force
Now with Oric Library

Microtan website
With Oric stuff too.

Swedish Oric Homepage
Nice site with software and inlay pictures

Peter's Oric 1 Page
This page has schematics for the Oric 1 motherboard & disc controller.

Peter the Spider's site
A new site !!!

Loriciels Website Tribute to French software house

Cobrasoft Website Tribute by Bertrand Brocard

Usenet/ newsgroup:- comp.sys.oric

Other Links:-

My Musical Instrument Repair Site
See the links page on this site for more musical links

Deep Purple - The Highway Star
My favourite band. Still rockin' !
Check out my review of the concert - 12th Sept 2002 !!!

Deep Purple
A new site at the old address
If you see what I mean !!!

Deep Purple Appreciation society
Buy stuff, news and everything !

Edgar Winter's site
This man is a musical genius !

Bernie Marsden's Website
The guitarist has his own site at last !

Douglas Adam's Website
The author of Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Friends of the Earth
The environment group - join them !

British Humanist Association

American Humanist Association

Council for Secular Humanism

Usenet/ newsgroup:- uk.philosophy.humanism

My friends Carlisle Utd Site
More to be added as and when .....

COPYRIGHT ISSUES - Learn the truth by checking the facts !

The Patent Office - British copyright law


Web Issues

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained

Copy Licensing Agency

Federation Against Software Theft

Terry Street IT Legislation

The creators and copyright owners of Worms

The creators and copyright owners of Battle Chess

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