Printer/Plotting: Ball Point Pen/ system 4 colour
Plotting speed: (horizontal) -52mm/sec (2.05ips)
(vertical) -73mm/sec (3.08ips)
Printer Speed: "12 characters per second
Resolution: 0.2mm/step
(0.00787 inch)
Effective plotting: 96mm (3.804 inch) x axis/ range divided into 480 steps.
(No limit in y direction)
Characters per line: 80 or 40 text mode
(determined by software in graphics mode)
Characters per line: INT(480/n+1)*6)for 0=n=15
Accuracy: -
(repetition) —0.2mm max
(movement) —0.3mm max
(distance) -0.5% max (x-axis) 1% (y-axis)
Pen life 250 metres (825 feet)
Parallel interface 8-bit parallel Uses STROBE and ACKNOWLEDGE
Temperature: -
range: -18.3 to 35C (65 to 96F)
storage: -40 to 71C (.40 to 160F)
Humidity range: -10% to 80% relative non-condensing
Power supply: Switching power
supply input
100-120 VAC
200-240 VAC
Dimensions: 10 3/4 wide
6 7/8" deep
2 1/2"high

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