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Oric Atmos. The Oric-1 was a good machine but the one everyone uses now is the Oric Atmos - and a 48K one at that ! An Oric-1 with V1.1 ROM is OK, but doesn't have the function key that can be so useful, so it must be an real Atmos.

Disk System. The old cassettes were fine for the time, but an Atmos becomes a different machine with a disk drive attached. I have a Cumana interface, others have the original Oric Microdisc, but there were other systems like the first drive system for the Oric - the Byte Drive 500 and the French Jasmin.
I've known people to modify the Atmos to read from a disk drive without a separate interface, but this modification stopped the machine from using cassettes.
Any of these is good, but I would say a 3.5" drive is essential nowadays. Firstly because you can't get 3" disks very easily. Secondly, if you do find them they are expensive. And thirdly because you can fit so much more on a 3.5" disk and don't have to mess around swapping the disk over.

Sedoric. One of the best - if not the best DOS to appear on an 8-bit computer. This is definitely the best DOS for the Oric. Not only does it make use of a wide range of commands, with an easy to use interface, (no shreik ( ! ) every time), but it features an improved and extended BASIC.

The BASIC keywords are available via utilisation of the function key. (Unlike Spectrum "One-key BASIC" you have the choice of using this feature - or not, as and when you choose).
All those 'missing' BASIC commands allowing things such as autonumbering are now part of the BASIC, so no need to type in all those extras from ThéOric.

An Atmos disk system running Sedoric is the best system for the Oric user.


What titles should an active Oric user want in his collection ? Here's my choice of the best software.

Nibble Excellent disk sector editor
BDDisk Useful for transferring Cassettes to disk. Also for editting disk sectors and more.
Sonix The best music editor for the Atmos.
Lorigraph One of the best graphics programs.
Easytext The word processor I use most on the Oric
Base Plus The best database I have found for the Oric.
Compiler Dr Ray's utility deserves to be in every Orician's disk box
Arcade Games:-
Xenon 1 Classic arcade action with great graphics. Still one of the best games on the oric
The Ultra Another arcade great.
Delta Four Super Invaders etc, but Oric-1 only because of the key-layout. Can anyone fix this ?
The Hellion This is superb ! Wave after wave of nasties come wobbling towards you as you desperately try and defend yourself.
Psychiatric Probably my favourite game on the Oric. Great use of colour. Good sound and decant animation, but most importantly, a fun game to play.
Dont Press the Letter Q Lots of games within a game, with some nice bits of humour thrown in .
Ratsplat Conceived and written on the Oric. A bit weird !
Doggy Bounce the dog over some nasty obstacles.(Look at his little ears move - hehe!
Quack a Jack Hmmm, something of an animal theme here - that's odd !
Insect Insanity More animal mayhem! This nearly didn't get released. Thanks to OUM the Oric community got to see this great game.
Dracula's Revenge This used to scare me! Good fun.
Scuba Dive Another of my favourites. I spent hours on this even though it kept crashing.
IJK Invaders A nice version of the game that really started it all.
IJK Chess Probably the best version of Chess on the Oric. Certainly better than many 8-bit versions.
Tetrix My favourite of the various Tetris clones
Columns The only version. And a good one at that!
Don't Panic Twilighte's variation on the dropping block theme. Another favourite of mine !
Magnetix Really a combination of arcade strategy and a puzzle game, with some great sound and graphics.
Nowotnic Puzzle A simple but intrigueing puzzle that is harder than it looks.
Cribbage I like a good card game. And that is what this is.
Ankhsemanon A great graphic adventure from the CEO
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy A strange, funny text adventure. Requires Pinforic ! See the last OUM for some tips I wrote.
Kinburn Encounter If your going to spend time on an adventure it is nice for it to have a bit of humour. This one has just that.
Hell's Temple One of the earliest RPG/ dungeon/ graphic adventure type games for the Oric.
The Last Warrior Not the best game, but some nice graphics.
Cowarth Park Horrors Or 'Pallida Mors' if you prefer. I typed it in from Oric Owner and sent it to OUM to appear on one of their disks. After the time I spent on the damn thing I'm putting it in here !
Roland Garros Tennis. Fun to play with a joystick.
Triathlon Good graphics and variation
Grand Prix OK, it is more of an arcade game, but great fun all the same.
Football Actually this isn't too good, but it is the best anyone has done - so far.
There are so many more games. I've missed loads of classics. Manic Miner, Cock In, Mushroom Mania, Rabbit - goodness, there's loads and loads of them ! Go and search them out. Try them and see which you like best !



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