Dynamic Games for Your Oric

by Clive Gifford

INTRO. Time again for a book review. This one is one of the rarer ones and it took Jon Haworth a while to track down a decent copy.

THE BOOK. The work of Clive Gifford, this is a book of games written for the Oric-1. Each program has a description with notes on what variables are used and other pointers to help you understand or adjust the program.
Also, towards the end, are more helpful chapters. The first about possible applications, and then we have maths and scientific work. Further sections on improving programming and loading/ saving are a worthwhile addition although I would have liked the programming section to be larger and in more detail. A somewhat dated, (for then), list of books and a glossary finish the book.
WHATS IN IT? I’ll not list all the games but here are a few. Eatie Sweetie (Pacman), Hawks and Doves, 3D Cone, Noughts and Crosses, Laser War, Jogger, Squash, Art Nouveau, Blackjack, Bingo, Solitaire, Wooden Shoe.
The important thing with a book of games is whether the games are any good or not. This book announces itself as having “Dynamic Games’, so are they any good. Well some are not too bad, nicely presented like “Laser War”, but many are very simple games often based on board games or pen and paper puzzles. There are a few graphics demos and a couple of versions of Lunar Lander, (which Clive seems to enjoy a lot ! )
So what you have a a collection of different programs which vary quite a lot, but the number of decent games is no greater than you’ll find in books such as the Oric Programmer. The book does have quite a reasonable selection of programs to try.

SUMMARY. This book tries to be helpful. Things hardly get ‘dynamic’ but there are some nice ideas in there so it gets 6.5/10



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