O.P.E.L Joystick Interface

This interface was produced by OPEL of Wentworth, Surrey (UK)


is what it says on the front of the large video cassette style case.
Not only did you get an interface, but you also got a cassette containing a graphics program and another with a ski game. There is also an instruction booklet.
OPEL joystick interface case

OPEL was a firm that took on the task of exporting Orics in Europe, outside of France. They produced disk drives for the Oric and when Tansoft folded they bought up their stock which meant Oric users of the future would have a good supply of software.
Inside OPEL case

The actual interface is a bit of an ugly beast. It has a small case with the socket and plug protuding out in an awkward manner. Then it is painted in what looks like black Hammerite.
It looks like  something knocked together in a garage which may not be far from the truth.  OPEL joystick interface
It is the type that goes in the printer port. Unfortunately it only has one joystick port, but it's probably enough for most users.

I've not seen too many of these around and it seems quite rare to find the full kit, as pictured on the left.
I acquired the booklets separately, then found some of the software, and finally found the software along with the interface from OPEL stock. Even those didn't have the booklets but I was able to put the two together.

If you want one of these I have a limited stock available for purchase.
Email for details.

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