IJK Joystick Interface

As far as I am aware there were two types of IJK interface.One was a Pennant/IJK one
of which I have little details. The other was the Oric/ IJK one.

Not a lot of details about this one. It connects to the printer port and according to Twilighte, it solved the problem of clashing with the sound.

It was compatible with IJK games like Attack of the Cybermen, Dambusters, Zebbie, Gubbie etc, but not really much else.

MCP Joystick Interface


This is from Oric Owner. I've never seen one of these - let me know if you have one !

MCP have released a joystick interface that includes its own speech synthesizer. This is based on a fixed vocabulary chip which gives a limited vocabulary of around 200 words although the sound quality is higher than the phoneme types. The joystick socket is designed for Atari type connections.


PASE Interface

O.P.E.L Interface

Altai Interface

Dk'tronics Interface

Protek programmable Interface

Downsway Programmable Interface

Joysticks & Rare Orics


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